Jennylyn Mercado, thrilled to be working with Kapamilya actors Sam Milby and JM de Guzman

Kapuso leading lady Jennylyn Mercado is set to star in two separate movies opposite two of ABS-CBN's prime leading men, Sam Milby and JM de Guzman.

(c) Regal Films / Quantum Films

The award winning singer/actress feels very blessed and lucky to have gotten the chance to do a movie with Sam and JM considering that they are from rival networks. Not many stars today get the privilege to work with another prized star from another network. Surely, Jennylyn is one lucky gal!

Jennylyn feels overwhelmed for the fact that this is very rare. Jennylyn reveals that she only gets the chance to see Sam on the television screen and if not for their movie, The Prenup under Regal Film and Star Cinema she would have not met him in person.

She describes Sam as a very kind-hearted man. Soft-spoken and understanding. Jennylyn also discovered that she shares a common interest with her The Prenup co-star with regards to technology. That is where they truly get along.

On the other hand, who would have thought JM de Guzman and Jennylyn were childhood friends and had known each other for years already. They even shared the same manager before, Ms. Becky Aguila until JM transferred to a new management team. She shares that she calls his Walang Forever leading man by the nickname "Butik". Jennylyn has nothing but pure admiration for her Walang Forever co-star and is very happy for him for surpassing all the obstacles that came along his way. She also gets pressured on scenes with him because she thinks that JM is a very good actor and that she needs to keep up with his impressive acting skills.

Catch Jennylyn Mercado on The Prenup with Sam Milby this October and in Walang Forever with JM de Guzman this December 25.


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