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Jennylyn Mercado shoots for a new Magazine Cover!

Watch out for a new magazine cover from Jennylyn Mercado. This is her first cover for this magazine which we cannot reveal just yet. 
Magazine will be out this June!

Jennylyn Mercado slips to No. 2 in the latest FHM 100 Sexiest tally!

(c) FHM Philippines

After holding the top spot in three consecutive tallies, Jennylyn Mercado dips to second spot in the latest tally released by FHM Philippines. 
Voting is still ongoing. We can still reclaim the top spot! Keep voting! 

Jennylyn Mercado shoots for a New Endorsement for an Appliance Brand

Another blessing for the Queen of Romance as Jennylyn Mercado shoots for her newest endorsement for an appliance brand. Watch out for print and radio advertisements coming out very soon.

Are we going to hear New Music from Jennylyn Mercado?

(c) mercadojenny

Jennylyn Mercado posted this photo on her Instagram account. Question is, is she working on a new album? The singer/actress is known for her hits which includes "Kahit Sandali", "If I'm Not In Love With You", "Sa Aking Panaginip", "Basta't Nandito Ka" and many more.
If this is a new album, this will be her first recording project with Ivory Music. She has previously worked with GMA Records, Viva Records, and Polyeast Records for her past albums. 
It's been a while since we've last heard new music from Jennylyn, so who's excited? 

Jennylyn Mercado stuns at Avon's Gala Night!

(c) Avon Fashions

Jennylyn Mercado leads the runway at the Avon Philippines' 2016 Gala Night Fashion Show. Jennylyn shows off her curves on the newest Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel collection. 
Just look at how fierce her look is at the photo above! She definitely knows how to work that runway.

Jennylyn Mercado bags first URIAN Best Actress Nomination for #WalangForever

Jennylyn Mercado gets her first top acting nomination from Gawad Urian this year for her role as Mia for the movie #WalangForever, an official entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. #WalangForever was the most awarded film at the festival which included Jennylyn's second MMFF Best Actress Award. Coincidentally her co-star Jericho Rosales also bagged the Best Actor award for the said festival and is now also nominated for top acting honors at the 39th Gawad Urian Awards.
Jennylyn was last nominated for an Urian Award way back in 2006 for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Blue Moon.
Other nominees for Best Actress in the 39th Gawad Urian Awards include Nora Aunor, Anika Dolonius, LJ Reyes, Angeli Bayani, Mercedes Cabral, and Alessandra de Rossi.
The awards night will be heald at the Kia Theater on June 22 and will simultaneously air on Cinema One.

(c) Quantum Films

How To Achieve That Perfect Tan Skin?

Surely, several ladies out there are in search of how to get the perfect tan skin just in time for summer. Think of how that flawless even morena skin look when you go hit the beach! Definitely one of the most trendy summer statements.
So how do you exactly get that perfect tanned skin? Here's some do's and don't's that you should remember.

1. DO NOT sunbathe as too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and dark spots.  2. DO exfoliate before tanning to get rid of dead skin cells and avoid uneven skin tone. 3. DO invest in high quality tanning products to achieve that natural skin glow. 4. DO apply a thin amount of lotion prior to tanning in the following key spots: hands, knees, feet, and elbows so that it won't color too much.  5. DO NOT use your bare hands in applying the tanning product as this can cause uneven application. It is advisable to use a mitt for better results. 

The Sexiest's Secret to a Slim and Fit Body

(c) MySlim

The Philippines Sexiest Woman, Jennylyn Mercado admits to be fond of sweets such as cakes and chocolates. Given that those items are major contributors to added fat and weight gain, people may start to wonder how she manages to maintain her fit and sexy figure despite that.
Jennylyn who lives an active and healthy lifestyle enjoys those sweets responsibly as she makes time out of her busy schedule as a mom and as a celebrity for her triathlon training along with a string of other sports and workouts such as diving, and Pilates, 
To answer the question that has got people wondering, Jennylyn is fit as hell because she woks hard for it. Aside from that, she thanks MySlim for helping her maintain that beach worthy body. MySlim helps convert fat into usable energy. No wonder she manages to do all those stuff. A fitspiration indeed as she enjoys to indulge in her sweet cravings and at the same time live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Why Jennylyn Mercado Is The Modern Day Super Woman

1. She's television and movie actress,

2. She's a recording artist/concert performer.

3. She's an entrepreneur. 

4. She'a a triathlete.

5. She's an advocate.

6. She'a a single mother.

THEN AND NOW: The Secret To Jennylyn's Perfect Looking Eyebrows

Ever wondered how Jennylyn achieved her perfect eyebrows? A woman's eyebrows defines her face. With the perfect eyebrows you can still manage to look as beautiful even without makeup. So what is Jennylyn's secret? Two words ... Pretty Looks!

(c) Pretty Looks

HAIR TIPS: 3 Things You Should Start Eating For Gorgeous And Healthy Hair

Every woman looks at her hair as her crowning glory. Women take hours to get their hair done into perfection but did you know that there are things that you can eat that can help make your hair grow shinier, more beautiful, and healthier. 

1. Eggs - contain fats that helps maintain a shiny hair. - has iron that transports oxygen to hair follicles. - contain Vitamin D that aids in hair growth

2. Avocados - contain omega oils that promote rapid hair growth and a strong and shiny look. - aids in making your hair look livelier.

3. Walnuts - rich in Vitamin E, omega oils and biotin that helps prevent damage especially when exposed to the sun.

Jennylyn Mercado is the "Sexiest Pinay" according to Mark Neumann!

Photo of Jennylyn by Avon Philippines | Photo of Mark by Mark Neumann

In a recent interview, Mark Neumann mentioned that Jennylyn Mercado is the Sexiest Pinay celebrity for him. At first, he didn't know that Jennylyn is already a mom. He said that it takes much discipline to be that sexy especially that Jennylyn already has a son. 

Source: Abante Online

20 Most Memorable Lines of Jennylyn Mercado at the Movies

(c) Quantum Films

1. "Oo na, ako na! ... Ako na ang mag-isa! Ako na ang martir sige na! (English Only, Please)

2. "Wala namang magbibilang kung ilang beses ka nagpakatanga di ba?" (English Only, Please)

3. "Hindi mo alam kung paano gumanti ang pusong nasaktan ng ganito. Hindi mo alam." (English Only, Please)

4. "Hoy babaeng sinangulang. Walang hiya kang malandi kang haliparot ka." (English Only, Please)

5. "Ngayon lang ako nagmahal ng ganito. Ngayon lang." (English Only, Please)

(c) Regal Films

6. "Confetti para sa 'yo! Ang galing galing mo eh! (The PreNup)

7. "When life throws you lemons, make some lemonade. You're given this life because you're strong enough to live. So be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now but it never rains forever. And after the rain, the sun shines. There's always a rainbow after every rain. Rain rain go away come again another day pretty Wendy wants to play. Rain ra…

Happy Birthday Jennylyn Mercado!

Happy Birthday Ms. Jennylyn Mercado!

Jennylyn Mercado still on top of the list of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women after 3rd Partial Tally!

(c) FHM Philippines

Jennylyn Mercado is still the undisputed sexiest woman in the country as she reigns once again on top of the 3rd partial tally released by FHM Philippines.
Voting is still open so let's keep voting for Jennylyn!

Jennylyn Mercado Birthday Promo at Beanleaf Timog and Fit & Form

Celebrate Jennylyn Mercado's birthday with exclusive deals from Beanleaf Timog and Fit & Form. Take advantage of these offers for a limited time only.

Is Jennylyn Mercado Transferring To Another Network?

(c) mercadojenny

This quote was posted on Jennylyn Mercado's Instagram account yesterday and since then fans have been debating whether this quote is intended for her mother network or not. For the past couple of weeks Jennylyn has been very visible on ABS-CBN, the rival network of GMA for the promo of her movie Just The 3 Of Us which is produced by Star Cinema, She has appeared on several shows such as Gandang Gabi Vice and Tonight With Boy Abunda.
Some fans are worrying that the long time Kapuso actress will soon make the big switch while others understand and vows support to whatever decision Jennylyn makes.
Jennylyn's contract with GMA is expected to expire this May and in the very near future we will know about her decision.
In the meantime, Jennylyn has started a cooking show Dishkarte Of the Day on GMA's news channel and is set to appear on an episode of Magpakailanman this Saturday opposite Jerald Napoles.

Jennylyn Mercado sizzles on the cover of FHM Bionic

(c) FHM Philippines

On the latest issue of FHM Bionic, Romantic Comedy Queen Jennylyn Mercado shares what inspires her to sweat it out on work and play. 
Grab your copy now!

Magpakailanman: "Ang Gayuma ng Pag-ibig: The Benzar and Kukay Ramos Story"

(c) GMA Network

For the first time, Romantic Comedy Queen Jennylyn Mercado pairs up with Kapuso Hunky Comedian Jerald Napoles for an episode of Magpakailanman entitled "Ang Gayuma ng Pag-ibig" airing this Saturday. 
Jennylyn will play the role of Kukay while Jerald will play the role of Benzar. Under the direction of Joyce Bernal.
The story will revolve around the premise of how love can make you do things even to the point of using a love potion to win the heart of the person you have feelings for. 
Don't miss this after Lip Sync Battle Philippines.

Jennylyn Mercado and Alden Richards, pairing up for a Koreanovela remake?

There are rumors circulating that Jennylyn Mercado and Alden Richards will play the lead roles for the upcoming Koreanovela remake of My Love From The Star. It can be recalled that the Kapuso Actress and Actor have worked on a few projects before such as an episode for Magpakailanman on GMA and an episode for Wagas on GMA News TV.
For now, we still have to wait for the announcement from GMA Network.

#RelationshipGoals: 5 Sweetest Photos of Dennis and Jennylyn

Is love lovelier the second time around for Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado? Take a look at 5 of their sweetest photos.

What Is Jennylyn Mercado's #SweatToBe Story?

(c) Belo Essentials

"I #SweatToBe Fitter" - Jennylyn Mercado
Jennylyn Mercado is no longer afraid to sweat it out because she is now using Belo Deo Clinical Strength. Now she can maintain a fit and active lifestyle with no more worries!
Available in supermarkets, groceries, drug stores, and convenience stores nationwide.

5 Reasons Why Jennylyn Mercado Is This Generation's RomCom Queen

1. She won her first Best Actress Award for the romantic comedy flick, English Only, Please.

2. She's a a back-to-back MMFF Best Actress awardee for 2014 and 2015 for English Only, Please and #WalangForever respectively.

3. She's worked with today's top leading men for her most recent films which includes Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino, Sam Milby, Jericho Rosales, and RomCom King himself John Lloyd Cruz.

4. Her RomCom films are certified box office hits! In fact her most recent film, Just The 3 Of Us has earned 100 million in the box office in less than a week.

5. She is today's most in demand leading lady in the big screen.

Jennylyn Mercado and Jerald Napoles pair up for the first time on Magpakailanman

Jennylyn Mercado and Jerald Napoles headlines Magpakailanman episode on GMA Network. Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal. The episode entitled "Ang Gayuma ng Pag-ibig" will air this Saturday after Lip Sync Battle Philippines.

Trinx Ambassador Jennylyn Mercado is Endurance Sports Magazine's May 2016 Cover Girl

(c) Endurance Sports Magazine

Trinx Bikes celebrity endorser Jennylyn Mercado makes her debut on the cover of Endurance Sports Magazine for the May 2016 issue.
Grab a free copy of this issue at your favorite sports shops and fitness centers now! 

Follow-Up Project For John Lloyd Cruz And Jennylyn Mercado Already In The Works?

(c) Star Cinema

Due to the box office success of the first team up of John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado, there are reports that a follow up project for the Romance Royalties are in the works.
If you were to choose, would you want a sequel to the story of CJ Manalo and Uno Abusado or another movie with a different genre?
Just The 3 Of Us is now on its 2nd Blockbuster Week. Showing in 160 cinemas nationwide.

Jennylyn Mercado maintains lead in second tally for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women for 2016!

(c) FHM Philippines

FHM's Sexiest for 2015, Jennylyn Mercado stays strong at number one in the latest tally released by FHM Philippines last May 7, 2016.
If Jennylyn remains on top of the charts until the end of the voting period, this will become a back to back victory for her. 

Just The 3 Of Us hits the 100 Million mark in 6 days!

(c) Star Cinema

The very first team up of the Romance Royalties, John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado under the direction of box office director Cathy Garcia-Molina has breached 100 Million domestic gross in less than a week. This marks another box office success for Star Cinema.
As early as now, many are suggesting for a follow up project for Jennylyn and John Lloyd.
Just The 3 Of Us is still showing in 300 cinemas worldwide!

Jennylyn Mercado leads initial tally for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women for 2016

(c) FHM Philippines

The reigning FHM Sexiest for 2015, Jennylyn Mercado leads the initial tally for this year's 100 Sexiest Women poll conducted by the No. 1 Men's Magazine in the country. If Jennylyn maintains her lead, it will become a back to back win for her.
You can still vote for Jennylyn until July 5, 2016.

Jennylyn Mercado on Taste Buddies

(c) GMA Network

In case you missed Jennylyn Mercado's guesting on GMA News TV's Taste Buddies. Watch the episode of the Hugot Queen on the video links proved below courtesy of GMA Network. 

Jennylyn Mercado hosts new cooking show Dishkarte Of The Day

(c) GMA Network

Jennylyn Mercado shares new kitchen tips and yummy recipes in the new cooking show Dishkate Of  The Day. 
Dishkarte Of the Day started airing last May 8, 2016. Catch it on GMA News TV Mondays to Fridays at 8:20-8:30 am, 3:00-3:10 pm and 7:00-7:10pm; on Saturdays at 8:20-8:30 am, 3:00-3:10 pm and 4:50-5:00pm; and on Sundays at 12:25-12:55pm, 4:50 to 5:00 pm and 5:40-5:50pm.

John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado on the cover of Philippine Star Supreme

(c) Supreme
Tagged as the Romance Royalties of Philippine Cinema. the lead stars of the upcoming Star Cinema romantic comedy summer offering Just The 3 Of Us, John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado graces the cover of Philippine Star Supreme.

Just The 3 Of Us opens in theaters nationwide this coming Wednesday, May 4. Directed by the box office director, Cathy Garcia-Molina.