The Sexiest's Secret to a Slim and Fit Body

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The Philippines Sexiest Woman, Jennylyn Mercado admits to be fond of sweets such as cakes and chocolates. Given that those items are major contributors to added fat and weight gain, people may start to wonder how she manages to maintain her fit and sexy figure despite that.

Jennylyn who lives an active and healthy lifestyle enjoys those sweets responsibly as she makes time out of her busy schedule as a mom and as a celebrity for her triathlon training along with a string of other sports and workouts such as diving, and Pilates, 

To answer the question that has got people wondering, Jennylyn is fit as hell because she woks hard for it. Aside from that, she thanks MySlim for helping her maintain that beach worthy body. MySlim helps convert fat into usable energy. No wonder she manages to do all those stuff. A fitspiration indeed as she enjoys to indulge in her sweet cravings and at the same time live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


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