7 Reasons Why Single Moms are Awesome

1. You do twice the work but you get twice the love. It may sound a little selfish but don't single moms deserve to ultimately get all the attention, love and affection of her child?

2. You are in charge. You do not have to deal with the stress and anxiety when it come to different views and opinions on co-parenting.

3. Single mothers are role models of independence. You inspire others because you learn to become both the dad and mom of the house. Just imagine how difficult it must be juggling all those responsibilities.

4. Single moms become pillars of strength. Being the only person your child can look up to, you have to show no weakness and learn how to be strong not only for your child but for the both of you.

5. You get to have the strongest bond in world with your child. Single moms will always have their children's back and they will always have hers. She is not only a mom (or a dad) but a best friend too!

6. Your child will always remember the memories of you together. He or she will always remember how you cooked his or her meals and at the same time do the manly tasks around the house, the times you skip work when he or she was sick, the moments when you taught him or her how to swim or ride a bike or even play basketball even if you didn't know how to.

7. Single moms are modern day heroes. They put all their love, time, and efforts to their children that often times they forget about themselves. Everything they do is for their child, and she will do it all!

So who run the world? Hell yeah, Single Moms do!


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