LOOK: 10 Most "Pogi" photos of Alex Jazz Mercado

Looks like Alex Jazz Mercado is a heartthrob in the making. Take a look at his 10 most "pogi" photos below.

1. Here's Jazz with mom, Jennylyn Mercado for YES! Magazine.

(c) Yes Magazine

2.  Doesn't he look dashing in a suit?

3. He can also sport a "bad boy" look!

4. Look at him pose on the side of the road!

5. Here's mother and son sharing a sweet moment.

6. Is he set to follow his mom's musical footsteps?

7. The resemblance is undeniable!

8. Perhaps a future career in basketball? Don't go breaking ladies' hearts.

9. Oh and of course the photo that got social media talking!

10. Last but not the least, here's the lovely mom and son posing for Esquire Philippines.

(c) Esquire Philippines


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