LOOK: Patrick Garcia's Wife shares how she reached out to Jennylyn Mercado

On her blog, Nikka Martinez wrote about how she got over her insecurities and how she reached out to her now-husband, Patrick Garcia's ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado.

She reveals that there were moments where she would feel uneasy, battling thoughts and emotions especially during times when Patrick would go to visit his son with Jennylyn, the person who use to hold his heart.

Through constant prayers, Nikka shares how God has mysteriously worked His ways to help her overcome her negative thoughts and emotions and finally reach out to Jennylyn.

One morning Nikka decides to finally go for it and take a chance to communicate with Jennylyn by sending her a text message, leaving everything to the Lord. And in just a few minutes later, Jennylyn replied and agreed to meet with her.

Jennylyn and Nikka then met and talked, describing their conversation as casual, nice, and peaceful. Indeed it was God's perfect time. She assured Jennylyn that she would be a good Tita to Jazz and will be supporting in anything and everything that is and will be good for him. All her then feelings of insecurity and jealousy were replaced with admiration and compassion.

When she got home, Nikka then confessed to Patrick about her meeting with Jennylyn and surprised him that Jennylyn allowed Jazz to be part of their wedding. Patrick's face lit up with joy as he heard the news and indeed was a very happy moment for him.

Nikka ended her blog entry saying that she has nothing but respect for Jennylyn because she is the mother of Jazz. That she knows her place in Jazz's life and that she will always be his Tita Nikka who loves and cares for him genuinely. 


  1. jealousy will kill your personality. God is everything. In any situations in life, one must think and do her/his best to understand why things happen. Jennylyn is one of the good soul i've seen in the showbiz industry. however, she's still not exempted to experience trials in life. Nikka on the other hand, is brave to face her weaknesses. Her initiative to get out of her shell to reach Jen is a sign of her faith in God for she didn't care the word "pride".

    Patrick is so lucky to have this wonderful ladies around him. For sure, their children will definitely grow with abundance of love.

  2. Di naman kasi bitter si Jen. She's a truly beautiful woman inside and out and her experiences molded her into the beautiful person she is. She must have felt how genuine and sincere Nikka was. Besides, as a mother she knows what will make Jazz happy, and that is a good relationship with his biological father.

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  4. Jen has a good heart

  5. Nikka has a good heart saludo ako saiyo iha..akala ko nagiisa lang ang puso kung ganyan..yan din ang ginawa ko and believe me its such a good feeling to earn respect and love from your step kids.Gambati kudasai ! !


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