Everyday Sarap RECIPE: Halo-Halo with CDO Nata de Coco and CDO Kaong in Buko Shell


1 whole buko halved and the flesh shredded 
Crushed ice 
6 tablespoons of CDO Kaong and Nata de Coco 
6 tablespoons of langka (jackfruit) 
6 tablespoons of sweetened kidney beans 
6 tablespoons of sweetened garbanzos 
6 tablespoons of sweetened saba 
6 tablespoons of ube or purple yam 
3 tablespoons of pinipig 
6 tablespoons of corn kernels 
1/2 cup of evaporated milk 
A scoop of ice cream on top (optional) 
Sugar (optional)

For the complete procedure, visit the official Facebook page of Everyday Sarap with CDO.

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Courtesy of GMA Network/Everyday Sarap with CDO


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