LOOK: Marian Rivera, open to working with Jennylyn Mercado on a project

After the successful airing of Jennylyn Mercado's guesting on Marian Rivera's morning talk show Yan Ang Morning, netizens were quick to suggest to have the two queens of GMA Network work in a project together. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and it was truly a joy to watch them together onscreen.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Marian was asked if she would be willing to do a drama series or a movie with Jennylyn and her answer was "Why Not?". Now who's excited? Maybe GMA Network or GMA Films can whip up something for the two moms.


  1. Huwag na mag-aksaya ng pera... dami puwedeng gawin na bago sa movie industry at mga bagong artista. Paulit ulit nalang ang mga mukha nila. They have nothing more to offer.

  2. Jennylyn is okay. Huwag na yan si Marian.


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