IN PHOTOS: In loving memory of Mommy Lydia

Our beloved Mommy Lydia Mercado has joined our creator today, October 29, 2016. She will always be remembered as a loving mother, a true friend, and a hero. Heaven is lucky to have another angel.

To celebrate her life, we have compiled photos of Mommy Lydia with two of the most dearest people in her life, Jennylyn and Jazz. We love you Mommy Lydia!


  1. What memories. We miss our parents and our family. We must go on I know. It's very difficult, a lasting hurt and missed spot in our lives ... We love them, remember them, reminisce, surround ourselves with their things. God's people will see each other one day soon I am hoping ... JamesLincoln

  2. She's in heaven.condolences po

  3. Ano po kinamatay no mami Lydia?? Condolence Jen love you be strong.. Jazz is need u..

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