LOOK: Dennis Trillo willing to wait for Jennylyn Mercado 'til she's ready to settle down

In a recent interview, Jennylyn Mercado revealed that as of the present, she's not thinking of settling down just yet. However she says that she'd want to get married in six years time ideally.

On the other hand, rumored boyfriend Dennis Trillo was asked during the press conference of his latest movie if he is willing to wait six years for Jennylyn and he responded with a smile that he does not mind waiting.


  1. MABilis naman tumakbo ang panahon darating at darating din yan 6 years na yan!

  2. sana nga lang pagdumating yun time na yun eh sila parin people changes if there all out busy and no time for each other they will be changes at all i'll pray to God will them never changes apart when that time is come of 6 years will getting married yes i will believed that has a "FOREVER"

  3. Career mo na Jen,padamihin muna ang ipon kasi yung marriage nandyan lang iyan once married ka na mag slow down na iyong career mo,iba na talaga ang may asawa.


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