WATCH: How Jennylyn Mercado plans to celebrate first Christmas without Mommy Lydia

Christmas is almost here and My Love From The Star lead actress Jennylyn Mercado shares to GMA News how she plans to celebrate first Christmas without her dearest Mommy Lyida. She says she wants how they celebrated Christmas before to be the same as if Mommy Lydia is still around. Jennylyn also talked about how her recent trip to Europe has helped her cope with the grief.

In another news, Jennylyn is making a Telebabad comeback next year via My Love From Star alongside newcomer Gil Cuerva. The Ultimate Star expressed how grateful she is to be part of the beginning of Gil's showbiz career. Jennylyn also described her leading man as very willing to learn and kind-hearted. 

Watch her interview below.

(c) GMA News


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