5 Reasons Why Age Does Not Matter In A Relationship

Photo by GMA Network

1.       It’s just a number. What really matters is your partner’s level of maturity. You may be dating someone younger but he may think, act, and feel way beyond his years.

2.       Opportunity to grow. Dating someone older or younger can actually give you another perspective of life. It may open your eyes to things you never thought were there. You may see things differently because this time, you’re not just living in your own shell.

3.        Chemistry! It’s quite difficult nowadays to find someone whom you truly connect with. Someone who gets you and someone you get along with. When you find that someone, don’t let him go.

4.       Other people’s opinion does not matter. You are in a relationship with your partner and not with the people around you. Make this an opportunity to prove those people who think negative of you wrong and that regardless of the age gap you can actually make it work.

5.       Bottom line, love is love. Why make age a deciding factor in finding your perfect match? You choose to be in a relationship because you love each other, period. If it is being with him what ultimately makes you happy, then go for it!


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