LOOK: What Dennis Trillo gave Jennylyn Mercado for her birthday last year

It's not about the price of the gift, it's about the thought and the effort that goes with it. SQ Vault Jewellery shared the story behind Dennis Trillo's birthday gift for Jennylyn one year ago. SQ Vault Jewellery says that the surprise birthday gift was a collaborative effort with Dennis. The Kapuso actor wanted not just any piece of jewelry but something more meaningful that reflects him and Jennylyn.

Dennis could not have chosen any other precious stone more perfect that emerald which is their birth month's birthstone. The emerald pendant then is encased in a gold Octopus design which symbolizes Dennis and Jennylyn's passion for the ocean and scuba diving. 

Aww! How sweet and thoughtful is that?

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Here's Jennylyn Mercado wearing the necklace.

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