WATCH: Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuerva kissing scene reaches 9 takes!

At the grand press conference of 'My Love From The Star', lead stars Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuerva reveal that they had to do their kissing scene over over again. It took them about nine takes to finally nail one of the most sought after romantic scenes in the show.

The Pinoy Matteo says at first he felt conscious and starstrucked since he is new at this but as time went by he was able to overcome that. He says he was determined to do it right for Jennylyn.

Meanwhile, Jennylyn says their director Bb. Joyce Bernal would let them do the scene repeatedly until it was perfect. She says the reason why it took them quite a while to nail it because Direk Joyce couldn't feel anything at first because she thinks that Jennylyn and Gil were still feeling shy with each other.

Watch a clip of their interview below.

Catch the premiere of  'My Love From The Star' this coming May 29 on GMA Telebabad.


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